Andrew Corpuz

Andrew Corpuz is a practicing transmedia creative who aims to help others reach a more fulfilled, expressive self through play and experimentation.  As a trained classical musician and with degrees in interactive entertainment and instructional technology, Andrew Corpuz has a rich and diverse background in exploring various media in both art and design. 

While his two-dimensional works focus on information or identity and his three-dimensional works focus on material, his time-based and digital media works often involve complex stories or abstracted systems that help stimulate critical thinking around psychological or sociocultural issues.  Currently a doctoral student in the Art and Art Education program at Teachers College, Columbia University, Andrew is looking at how immersive, interactive, digital art helps transform how audiences and artists view the future.  Additionally, he helps manage a makerspace. 

In his spare time, he enjoys watching talent-based competition TV shows, reading comments on Internet news stories, and making and consuming games like a true digital addict of the new millennia.