The ceramics program at Teachers College offers opportunities for exploration and discovery in the medium. Various techniques are presented to encourage experimentation through highly individualized approaches. We challenge students to seek a rapport with clay and the creative possibilities offered by interacting with various other studios such as painting and drawing, printmaking, sculpture and video media.

Drawing upon an understanding of the history of ceramics and its contemporary importance, we seek to engender personal expression through clay. We reflect on issues of permanence/impermanence and scale, whereby ideas are often influenced by personal and social issues. Group discussion and individual critiques are presented biweekly by students to encourage creative discourse and the exchange of ideas. We engage in all aspects of the studio experience in order to understand the processes involved in making the material and the alchemy of glazes in the kiln. Developing a direct and unmediated approach, we have a physical communication with clay as it sets in motion a conversation with the material and the endless possibilities for visual comment and expression.

Museum and other off-campus visits introduce students to a broad array of art experiences in New York City and they are encouraged to maintain detailed journals and sketchbooks for reference. Guest artists make presentations throughout the school year.

Art Educators: Clay in the Classroom

We present clay as a tactile experience, a direct creative interaction within the classroom in which students express an understanding of their environment, create aesthetic and functional objects and compose narratives. Clay is experienced as a medium that responds immediately to touch allowing for investigation and discovery that open new avenues to learning and expression. Students are encouraged to reflect on the development of their own work as a source for ideas in the composition of their teaching lives.

The Studio

The studio is well-equipped and was established during the Arts & Crafts Movement of the late 19th Century. Teachers College has a distinguished ceramics history in New York. Diverse firing capabilities, clay bodies and surface design materials along with the adjacent printmaking and sculpture studios allow for an expanded studio experience. 

Ceramics Staff

Thomas Lollar // Instructor
Cesar Reyes // Instructor