1. What is CTC?

    The Creative Technologies Curriculum (CTC) is a curriculum proposal within the Art and Art Education program at Teachers College, Columbia University to be implemented in two forms: The Art and Art Education program expands its course offerings and launches a 15-credit point specialization within the pre-existing Ed.M. program. Pending NYSED approval, the specialization will develop into a standalone certificate program wherein candidates apply directly to the CTC.

  2. Why focus on technology and the arts?

    New media and digital technologies have changed the making, teaching, learning, and accessibility of art. These changes have influenced formal and informal learning environments such as universities, schools, libraries, community centers, after school programs, and art studios. Consequently, the landscape of traditional art itself is changing as a new creative reality steeped in media, technology, and social experience emerges.

  3. Who participates in CTC?

    The Creative Technologies Curriculum is designed for individuals with work experience and/or undergraduate or graduate degrees in studio art, art history, media design, or instructional technology, among others. Candidates for the CTC would ideally be art educators, artists, designers, technologists, and others who wish to incorporate creative technologies in various educational settings.

  4. What will they do with their experience in CTC?

    The focus of the Creative Technologies Curriculum is on the active exploration of emerging technologies as they intersect with teaching and learning; the goal is to prepare artists and art teachers to be leaders in educational ecologies that aptly interweave digital tools and materials in multi- and cross-disciplinary, collaborative, and playful pedagogies.

  5. Why is the CTC valuable?

    The CTC strengthens and explores the relationship between Art, Technology, and Education. This critical trifecta is an interdependent force at the forefront of educational efforts in primary, secondary, and university-level teaching and learning. In a world of increasing digital fabrication and social practice, it is more essential than ever to demonstrate proficiency beyond any one skill set. The CTC provides this diverse training to participants so that they may become leaders in this interdisciplinary movement.