Macy Art Gallery

Macy Art Gallery is one of the last spaces at Teachers College still in its original use. The Gallery’s 1400 square foot space on the fourth floor at Teachers College annually exhibits a diverse array of artworks in almost every medium by national and international artists, graduate students, faculty members and alumni, the finest examples of works made by children of all ages, adolescents and seniors, artworks made in community arts programs, those made in K-12 New York City schools, and traditional and contemporary arts from all over the world. 

The Gallery dates back to TC’s beginnings, when Georgia O’Keeffe was a student working with the painter Arthur Wesley Dow, the department’s first chairman. Its history is for the large part uncertain, but since the 1980’s the Gallery has steadily built up its exhibition offerings as well as its facilities that have made the display space of Macy Gallery competitive to that of many urban contemporary art galleries, and a unique creative and community space within TC. 

Macy Art Gallery runs a full and rich schedule of exhibitions throughout each academic session mounting at least 12 exhibitions each year. These include juried shows of work by current students, alumni and international artists. As it is a “working gallery” Macy Gallery also mounts exhibitions by children including those from TC’s Rita Gold Center for Early Childhood education that include works made by infants and toddlers. Artwork from NYC schools such as the Bank Street School for Children and Frank Sinatra High School, and community arts organizations such as the Harlem Children’s Zone and Children’s Art Carnival has also been shown in the Gallery. Each year an exhibition is also dedicated to the work of student teachers in which the Program’s students pair their work with that of the school children they have taught during their practicums.


Brian Bulfer, Macy Art Gallery Fellow.


The Gallery is located on the fourth floor of Macy Hall, Teachers College.

Hours and Schedule

It is open Monday through Friday 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM, and by appointment. Special arrangements can be made for groups to visit the Gallery and participate in our ongoing Artists' Talks and Lectures. In addition, gallery receptions are open to the public. Click here for a full schedule of exhibitions and programs. 

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