Working in tandem with the other Art & Art Education program studios at Teachers College, Columbia University, the Thingspace is a newly renovated environment that integrates electronic new media, digital fabrication, and the growing scope of sculpture.   To better help students understand three-dimensional art practice and meaning-making in a modern context, the space was redesigned from a traditional sculpture studio incorporating tenets of current educational practices.  Located in Macy Hall 55, the Thingspace supports both students and the surrounding community, and is used for classrooms, workshops, and open lab hours. 


As a multidisciplinary sculpture studio, the Thingspace has a wood and metal shop as well as digital fabrication tools such as laser cutter, 3D printer, and digital embroidery machine, among others.   More tools and materials will come as the space continues to grow. 

Thingspace Staff

Dr. Judith M. Burton // Program Director
Dr. Richard Jochum // Faculty
Andrew Corpuz, MA // Thingspace Coordinator
Sohee Koo, MFA // Instructor & Thingspace Fellow
James R. Long, MFA, MA // Instructor

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